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Billy Idol - White Wedding Guitar Tab

Billy Idol is a punk rock star from the 1980's. He is most famous for his song and music video White Wedding. This is a great song to learn on the guitar. Play White Wedding by Billy Idol on the guitar and you will feel good about yourself.

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Korn On Verge of Break-Up?
Thu 17th 2008
Korns fans that use Tab-Archive have reported to us that they harbour a slight worry that the band are hitting trouble as their guitarist, Munky left midway through their EU tour. In an official st ...

Pandora Losses License Battle for UK
Tue 8th 2008
Pandora.com is a new kind of Internet radio that only plays the music you like. It is a great system that works the following way: You type in a song or an artist you like, it will then play simila ...

Fall Out Boy singer becomes murder suspect
Mon 7th 2008
As well as being an accomplished musician, Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump is also trying his hand at television acting. Stump's debut on the small screen will be in the January 2 2008 season premie ...

New Trivium Album
Sat 5th 2008
Trivium have revealed they will be spending the first part of next year knuckling down to work on material for their upcoming new album. "We'll be off the road for roughly six months writing and r ...

TABfly VS LyricsFly?
Sun 15th 2006
TABfly.com, popular tablature and music search engine has found a friend, it seems. Lyricsfly.com is a lyrics search engine that looks almost identical to TABfly. So lets have this out, TABfly or Lyri ...

Pop-Punk Bands The New Boy Bands?
Thu 1st 2005
Just a few years ago, boy bands ruled the planet. Between 'NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, B2K, O-Town, LFO and any number ...
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